Shell Appartements in Libreville are located in the Acae area at about 20 mn from Shell office;

Finding a house in Libreville can take a while, so it is really important to start the process as soon as possible.

Phone details of real estate agencies can be communicated on request.

You have to be clear with the real estate agency, about your preferred location and the type of house or flat you want.

Good to know; residential areas are:

-La Sablière (mostly houses with pool,close to the beach, depending on the rental costs).

-Tahiti (Flat with pool and close to the beach).

-Batterie4 (houses or flats with pool, close to the French school and to the city center). All real estate’s agencies will guide you on your research.

Rent varies (depending on the type of house or flat and location),

between Fcfa 1.5 up to 3Millions

The lease will be signed on your own name; please don’t hesitate to contact  the Shell Gabon  legal department to check your lease before signing.

The real estate agency will ask you to pay a significant amount of money before handing you the keys of the house.In some cases it can go up to 7 M which is about 5-6 months rental to cover the fees and the first 3 months of rental.  


The process to purchase a car in Libreville will be done as soon as you arrive in Gabon.  This process can take one to two months.

First choose your car and your car dealer. You will then place an order of your car. You need to provide a copy of your passport, your bank details and personal address. The dealer will then prepare all the car documents and deliver the car to you. You can then subscribe to your preferred insurance provider or get the car dealer to organize the insurance for you. Most of expatriates buy 4X4 Toyota or Mitsubishi Pajero .

Recommended dealers are :

CFAO Motors
 Sells Mitsubishi Pajero.  +241 01 74 82 66



Toyota Gabon.

Sells  Toyota  +241 01 76 15 15

SIVVA Sells BMW, FORD , LAND ROVER   +241 05 30 46 50

Zone Industrielle Oloumi

You can also buy second hand cars with expatriate leaving the country or small car dealers.


As Gabon is a French speaking country, you will find a good range of French primary schools; most of them are located in Batterie4 some of them got a crèche starting age 12 months, plus Kindergarten from 3 to 5 years old.

A College and High school from 11 to 18 years old, called “lycee Francais blaise pascal” for more details you can visit the web site:

The AISL (American International School of Libreville) is a private school offering an educational program from 3 years old to grade 8. 

The curriculum is based on learning standards developed by U.S. based professional organizations across the content areas. 

The official language of instruction is English, with French taught daily as a foreign language beginning in kindergarten. 

The School is fully accredited (PK-8) by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Contact Information: American International School of Libreville

+241 72 45 56 Director: Robert W. Bennett

Address: Bord de Mer quartier Glass B.P 4000 Libreville Gabon.


International School of Gabon Ruban Vert 

Offering international education for Gabonese children, children from the International community and children in the sub-region and around the world. The students are prepared for entry to universities

The language of instruction is English and the school also offers a bilingual (French/English) stream. Based in BatterieIV.     


Tel. +241 01 44 26 70 Director: J.Luc Aupoix

Mobile. +241 04 84 33 61


Ecole Franco-Britanique http:


Tel: +241 01 73 43 49 / 01 73 71 17


6.1 Shell Education Services


The Education Services Department offers advice to Shell International Staff with children in full time education between 3 and 19 years old.

Shell’s education policy is based on parental responsibility.  This includes planning your children’s education; choice of schooling; school registration and de-registration; signing of school contract; enrolment procedures and the payment of school fees. 

Employees can find location specific reports and general information relating to international schooling by visiting the Education Services Website:

Policy information can be found by visiting:

HR Service Centre contact details:

HR Services Manila: HR Service Desk Americas SHLOIL-HRVO/N-T1

HR Services KL: HR Service Desk APMEO SPSA-HRVO/A-T1

HR Services Krakow: HR Service Desk Europe-AF-LA-RU, SSSC-HRVO/E-T1



Libreville houses 3  Big supermarkets, the Mbolo Shopping Center, Geant CKDO and Prix Import.

You can find a wide range of good French and local food. Fresh fish, bakeries, butcheries and wine. You can also buy in the supermarkets  cleaning materials, household accessories, laundry detergents, glassware, cookware, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, footwear, toiletries and much more. 

For frozen food you can go to the SAN GEL supermarkets .

The roadside vendors sell fruits and vegetable coming from others West African countries.

Libreville is full of  many small shops  where you could enjoy shopping, junk jeweler, branded handbags and hair accessories.

The city offers excellent artisan markets, in the downtown part of the city where you can shop for souvenirs and gifts. These artisan shops sell T shirts, wood carvings, batik fabrics, stone sculptures and leather bags and some Gabonese ritual masks which are highly valued in the art world.

If you are looking for good quality but more expensive, Art and Crafts you can go to OLIMA Shop. Next to Jeanne Ebori


There is no Shell medical center in Libreville. Shell expatriates are using their BUPA healthcare Insurance to go to the private doctors and hospital such as Cabinet de Groupe, El Rapha Hospital, Centre Medical du Littoral. There are many private specialists like Ophthalmologist, dentist, gynecologist, ORL, pediatrician. You will be asked to pay and claim back the money. For more details about healthcare in Gabon you can contact the Shell Gabon Chief Medical Officer or read the Health in Gabon document in the web site library.

Doctors   (Cabinet de Groupe) 01 74 31 31- 01 74 32 32 in the City center

Centre Medical deu Littoral 07 89 18 29

El Rapha Hospital 05 11 80 95- 06 82 78 51 located in the Trois quartiers

Pharmacy les Forestiers 01 72 23 32 in the Mbolo galery


Outpost Libreville

Office hours: By appointment
Languages: French, English
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